Weird Place

So…I’m in a weird place. Not like, I’m having a bad day or even…I feel strange. Physically, I’m in a weird place. I am in Kansas City…the weirdest of all places…working at the International House of Prayer ( I sit in a room and pray for about 12 hours a week. After that, I work in the media trailer about 30 hours a week, work with the African American Forerunner Alliance about 8 hours a week, try to produce non-live media (podcasts, promotional videos, news-ie pieces) about 4 hours a week and in the midst of all that, have a life outside of all I do. I meet with people, help lead a small group, hang out with friends, go to church, and try and have quiet time with God.

That sounds like a lot…and it is. However, despite what everyone says, this is the best way I could be spending my time. I love it! Its the hardest thing I’ve done…outside of move here…and I can’t say that I’d have it any other way. I like running around and keeping busy. My body…well…that’s another story. But I only have about 75 good years on this earth. If I can pack them full of people, God, and good times, I am good. I mean, to quote a brilliant theologian, I will “sleep when I’m dead!”

I mean…what else could I do…here in this weird place?


What do you think?

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