Jonah Lehrer on The Science of Creativity

Filmed live from Google London on Thursday 27th April, 2012.
Authors@ Presents…Jonah Lehrer’s ‘Imagine: How Creativity Works’



Life is…

…busy. Oh man..there are so many things happening. We have mostly finished Flower…a little film I co-wrote and directed. That was fun…and my fun, I mean a learning experience. Its actually been the hardest thing I’ve ever done and even though its been challenging, I can’t wait to do it again. 

I’m also getting ready to produce onething 2012. (
That is a job that I look forward to about 6 months out of the year. 

I’m also teaching a class. I’m coming alongside Forerunner Arts and creating a class for actors to learn how to write. I’m in the beginnings of it…its all a sort of grand experiment. Learning how to teach others how to do what you do with ease or even pain, is terribly hard, but fun at the same time. I love learning about myself. I also like teaching…so its the best of both worlds. If you want to check out the webpage for the class go to 

I’m also working with another good friend of mine on a project that we are calling We Confess. Basically, we are going to be looking for Christian young adults/teens who are good writers to write confessions of faith. These are reminiscent of the confessions of old: The Westminster Confession, The Nicene Creed, etc…but in modern language. These are confessions about who we say that Jesus is. I believe that there is a small remnant (though bigger than I know) that have been living secret lives as mystics who love Jesus. This is a chance to hear and see them for who they really are. If I sound mysterious, its because we’re still in the formulation stages and its all a bit mysterious to me as well:)

That’s what’s happening in my life…a little bit of this and a little of that mixed with some understanding of creative practice. 

You Can Do It!


I survived, along with my cast and crew, the 1st day of shooting a short film I co-wrote with my friend, Jesse ( Not only did I survive, I did it! I directed. I told people what to do. I took suggestions. I made decisions. I said no. I called “Action” and “Quiet on the set.” Image


As I’m getting ready to shoot today, I’m reminded of when I first started this journey. I scribbled down pictures and lines I heard on a steno pad in pink ink 4 years ago, around this time. I was slightly annoyed that God so flippantly (IMHO) gave me a movie idea with no training. I also had no desire to write films…let alone make one. Fast forward 3 and a half years to me sitting with Jesse, agreeing that this short film needed to be made. 

So here I am, deciding on what to wear on the set of a film that I cried over…screamed about…threw away…and prayed for. I don’t believe in luck…but I do believe in God. And I know that this is something I was created for.

This post isn’t for my fans (all 3 of you, lol), but to the one who is discouraged that their life isn’t coming together the way they’d hoped…who isn’t sure that the “creative” life is for them…who has heard people tell them to “Get a real job and stop being lazy,” when they’re anything but…who would rather dream of making a better world by creating than by complaining….
This post is for you, friend. Know that God is faithful and will not put anything in you that is not to be used. You don’t have to be a doctor or lawyer or be someone who has an office job…you can create. You can do it. Keep praying. Keep writing. Keep coming up with ideas that no one has thought about, let alone tried. Keep making art. Its what keeps you going…don’t give up. 



MOVIE!!! (or Why I Love Teaching Drama to Teens)

I’m making a movie. I thought about making this post about all the cool technical stuff or the amazing actors or even about how its hard to make films with a good message that aren’t cheesy….but I think I will focus on what making a movie does to my heart.
First of all, I’m not making this movie on my own. I got the idea 4 years ago and got to flesh out the story with my friend, Jesse. Jesse studied film and is a brilliant writer. Not only did we write it together, we’re also directing it together.
Next, we are raising money to make this movie happen. We have great actors and an awesome crew. Seriously…they are rock stars. We want to be able to make this film the best we can make it and that costs. We have to raise $4000 by July 10th at 10am CST. As of this moment, we are just over $1600 away from our goal. (

That was the back story.

Basically, I feel like a dumb failure 95% of the time. I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing with the actors or the script. I feel like I am not the right person for this. I look in the mirror and wonder why I am even making a movie. What made me think that I was the kind of girl who could make movies? I’m still that little girl who grew up in the hood and escaped her reality with books and movies. I’m no one special. I am not the nicest…not the smartest…not the prettiest….not even the coolest. But here I am. I am a film maker (or at least I will be by July 21, 2012). I am a success because God loves me and I was chosen to do this.
This last week I had the opportunity to teach drama to about 30 teens from around the US. They came to a little camp called the Awakening Teen Camp ( They were awesome. I mention them because they helped me get over myself. I watched a girl who had the worst stage fright, leap on stage and say her 1 line with boldness. A young boy told me that, while he only took drama because it was the “inside” elective, his “heart was awakened to the coolness of acting.” A group of kids, who are slightly misunderstood, took the stage and welcomed the applause that followed their awesome performance.
If they can do that, then I can make a movie. If they can realize that the art they create is far greater than the fear of making it AND if they can see the benefit of facing their fears, then what the heck am I complaining about?
I am making a movie. No, I do not feel qualified, and there are probably 500 people who could make a better movie than me, but I am the one who is making it. I get to make it. And sometimes, teaching drama at a camp in Kansas City, helps you see that you matter and what you put out into the world matters.

Early Morning Thoughts on the State of Art

So many times I hear about people who don’t go to art museums because there are sculptures or paintings of nudes. These same people claim to know what art is and even sway popular opinion as to what beauty is. And this is why we are a generation obsessed with counterfeits. We fail to seek out beauty for ourselves and opt to instead be spoonfed a bunch of processed mess that is disguised as cool, artsy, authentic…..
I could go on a more focused rant, but I just want you to look in the mirror, gaze at a sunset, open a book, visit a museum, hum a tune, listen to a babbling brook…anything that will open your eyes to the vast amount of beauty right in front of you.

I’m back…..again.

I’m sitting in a very different place, physically and spiritually. I am also wanting to blog more. I’ve really focused on my FB and Twitter accts….and have totally neglected this little piece of property. I will be better….and yes, you’ve heard that all before….but I will be. SO…hopefully I will see you soon:)


You can only dig the wells when it’s dry.
Hmmmm…what does that mean for me, as a Christian? Discuss.

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