True Friends

For some reason, when I was a kid, I wanted as many friends as possible…from as many ethnicities and age groups. I wanted my mom’s friends to be my friends…and my sisters little friends…and on and on….

It was really intense.

When I got a bit older, my mother gave me some advice that I totally rejected until 2 or 3 years ago. She said, “It doesn’t matter how many friends you have. If you have as many as you have fingers on one hand, that’s enough.”

I resented that…I wanted tons of friends. Maybe I wanted to prove a point that I was cool…that people like me…I don’t really know. But what I do know is that my mom was right.

I have a few good friends that I love and who love me. Who chase after the Lord with zeal and want to see me succeed. They are funny and make me laugh. They are women that I want to stand with me when I get married (whenever that is). The Bible says that the Lord puts the lonely in families…and that he sets our boundary lines in pleasant places. He loves us…therefore He places people around us who know His heart for us and let us know.




What do you think?

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