You Can Do It!


I survived, along with my cast and crew, the 1st day of shooting a short film I co-wrote with my friend, Jesse ( Not only did I survive, I did it! I directed. I told people what to do. I took suggestions. I made decisions. I said no. I called “Action” and “Quiet on the set.” Image


As I’m getting ready to shoot today, I’m reminded of when I first started this journey. I scribbled down pictures and lines I heard on a steno pad in pink ink 4 years ago, around this time. I was slightly annoyed that God so flippantly (IMHO) gave me a movie idea with no training. I also had no desire to write films…let alone make one. Fast forward 3 and a half years to me sitting with Jesse, agreeing that this short film needed to be made. 

So here I am, deciding on what to wear on the set of a film that I cried over…screamed about…threw away…and prayed for. I don’t believe in luck…but I do believe in God. And I know that this is something I was created for.

This post isn’t for my fans (all 3 of you, lol), but to the one who is discouraged that their life isn’t coming together the way they’d hoped…who isn’t sure that the “creative” life is for them…who has heard people tell them to “Get a real job and stop being lazy,” when they’re anything but…who would rather dream of making a better world by creating than by complaining….
This post is for you, friend. Know that God is faithful and will not put anything in you that is not to be used. You don’t have to be a doctor or lawyer or be someone who has an office job…you can create. You can do it. Keep praying. Keep writing. Keep coming up with ideas that no one has thought about, let alone tried. Keep making art. Its what keeps you going…don’t give up. 




I LOVE my friends. The people who have stood by me as I am going along on this journey…the ones who just love me because I’m me…the ones who think that I’m smart and pretty and have no problem telling me when I’m wrong. I am quite sure that the problem with our society is that we don’t have enough friends. Britney Spears doesn’t have enough girls in her life to speak truth to her. Kim Kardashian doesn’t have a good enough friend to tell her that she is dressing inappropriately and acting like she doesn’t have any sense. President Obama needs someone to tell him that no matter what he’s done, the Lord hasn’t turned His back on him and that he can make decisions that are godly…and still be respected.
See…we need friends. People who will tell us the truth and not need to prequalify with “You know I love you, right?” Friends who get on our nerves with all their strange quirks and weird habits…but who we love with all of our hearts.
Love your friends. And if you find that you don’t have too many good friends…then you’re in the perfect place.