New Blog

So, today is a 2nd attempt at a blog. I have always been the one to start something but always wind up not finishing it. This has been my life…up until I turned 30. IDK what the heck happened, but all of a sudden I became more aware of what not finishing means. It means that I couldn’t take the time to care about something all the way to the end. Let’s see…there’s the photography course I took in the 7th grade Gifted Ed class. I never turned in my final project. Then the owl pellet/ rat reconstruction…don’t ask. Lots of bones and grossness. Oh, and the scrapbooking project I’ve been doing since I was 22. Yeah…there are lots of things that I haven’t finished.

I am currently serving as a missionary/live broadcast manager/media producer at the International House of Prayer ( in Kansas City. I am constantly working on projects and praying that I finish them. I have to remind myself that I LOVE my job and that it would look bad if I just left things undone.

I’m really glad that God isn’t like that. I mean, it says that He is faithful to complete the good work that He started in me (Phil 1:6). That means, when I fail…and I do all the time…the Lord doesn’t just go…”Oh well, she’s ruined.” But He looks at me and sees a whole and complete woman who is walking in His ways. This concept is so hard to grasp. So often we sit and count ourselves out of the race…happy to just get a little plot of land on the “outskirts of heaven,” when our rightful place is seated with God.

I remember all the things that I started but never completed and am so grateful that the One I serve is faithful to the core (1 Thess 5:24). He will never leave me unfinished. This blog…much like my life…is a work in progress.


What do you think?

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